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[NEWS] Challenge 5 - A big thank you from myself

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Hello everyone,

I never expected to receive this much feedback from challenge 5. Thank you everyone for taking the time to give us your honest thoughts and feelings about what you would love to see in the future TeamSpeak client.

As a token of my appreciation, I have 300 codes to give away. The codes in the images all have a symbol that shouldn’t be there. The correct digit to replace the symbol can be anything from A-Z or 0-9. You can redeem these codes in three ways.

  1. beta.teamspeak.com
  2. myteamspeak.com
  3. In TS3 -> Tools -> Options -> myTeamSpeak -> Redeem Code

Once you have redeemed a code, please reply to this message so other people don’t try the same code again so they can try to work out another code to gain access.

If you don’t receive a code, don’t worry as we will be launching the beta registration codes very soon after the team have returned from their holidays.

Thank you for taking part in the challenges over the past few days, you’ve helped me to learn more about the community, what we get up to and also some of the needs you want from the future client.

Merry Christmas to everyone of you, I hope you can all spend some quality time with your loved ones if you’re able too and have a great day.

The codes are below. Good luck!

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