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[NEWS] TeamSpeak Free Server maintenance

TeamSpeak News

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We’ll be doing some routine maintenance on the free servers on Tuesday 21st, 10 am - 11 am GMT (11-12 CET).

During this period, you may be disconnected from your free server temporarily as we apply upgrades. We’ll roll the update out in waves, and downtime is likely to be a few minutes.

This shouldn’t affect anyone creating a new server, and please note that chat, the beta and all the rest of our systems are unaffected.

No action is required on your part.

We’ll update the post during the maintenance process.

Update Log

10:00am - starting!
10:10am - update process happening…
10:29am - running a little behind, but hoping to catch up!
10:48am - hoping we just make it, almost there…
10:56am - finished!

All done! Thanks for your patience!

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