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[NEWS] TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta24

TeamSpeak News

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A new beta version of the client was just released.

  • The updater for next update to beta25 should work now when user or program path had a non-ASCII character included
  • We added a ||spoiler|| tag for chats and added them into the context menu when selecting text in the input field

##### Update 5.0.0-beta.24

* Updates should now be applied correctly when non-ASCII characters are found in paths
* Fix for a shutdown crash on OSX
* Context menu for free servers no longer displayed when no servers exist
* Server banner will now be reloaded after gfx interval expires
* Ban timer should now display the correct time remaining for longer bans
* Improvements to mentions (@ syntax) and a new ||spoiler|| tags feature
* Passwords are now saved for free servers
* Various minor improvements for code block formatting
* Accepting a group invite will no longer play an error sound

Known for us

  • The behavior of rich text editor will be changed in one of the next beta updates

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