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[NEWS] TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.1

TeamSpeak News

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We released an update to solve 2 bigger issues

  • We fixed a crash on client start.
    Anyone with that problem need to use the installer to get this update or update from older client to this version.
  • AGC is now disabled when someone in a channel where Codec “Opus music” set sends Voice/Music to your client.
    This makes it possible for the sender to change his volume settings.

=== Client Release 3.5.1 - 23 Mar 2020

  • Fixed a crash on startup
  • Disabled playback AGC for clients sending from an Opus Music channel

The client will search for the update on it’s own. But you can also trigger that process when you open
Help and click on Check for Updates.

We will upload the installer later on the website.
Meanwhile use the client as described some lines above to get the update.

Known issue

  • The client can crash on Linux when plugin like music bot is in use. We are on working on it!

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