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[News] [Release] TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.9.0

TeamSpeak News

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We are pleased to announce that our TeamSpeak Server version 3.9.0. is now available.

Here is a short summary about the features and fixes and changes we made for this version:
  • Anyone who owns any of the new license types can now use their license.
  • With the help from Ragyal we finally could figure out why the server did not start on Linux.
    Thank you again!
  • The server now allows to add (or remove) multiple users to same group
    or a single user to multiple groups without the need to send multiple commands.
  • Clients with active b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password can now use
    temporary passwords with channel as a target.
  • The channeledit command can no longer be used to set a channel icon.
    The command channeladdperm need to be used.
  • The server now shows the invoker when command notification came from a plugin.
  • We fixed the start script. Now the script should find when a instance is running already.


## Server Release 3.9.0 24 June 2019

### Added
- Support for new license types (Gamer, Commercial, Sponsorship).
- `clientaddservergroup` and `clientdelservergroup` allowing to add and remove one
  or more server groups to a client.

### Changed
- `servergroupaddclient` and `servergroupdelclient` allow to add and remove one
  or more clients to a server group.
- `quit` can be used while being flood banned.
- `channeledit`, `channelpermlist` and `custominfo` return
  more appropriate error codes.
- `servertemppasswordadd` does not allow a zero duration.
- Parsing of boolean parameters has been made more restrictive.
- Plugin command notifications contain invoker data.

### Fixed
- QueryAdmin-Password and ServerAdmin-Token are printed again, when starting the
  TeamSpeak 3 Server using the startscript or with the daemon parameter.
- A crash related to 'set_option: Bad file descriptor' has been fixed.
- Temporary passwords are being checked for clients with the
  ignore server password priviledge.
- A bug where some ServerQuery notifications were sent twice after using
- `serverlist -short -uid` works as expected now.
- `clientlist -badges` shows all client badges again.
- Startscript checks if instance is already running.
- Server did not start any longer on some Linux systems
  Thank you 'Ragyal'.

Here you can DOWNLOAD the server. A download on our website follows.
Docker user will get the version within a day.

Here you can discuss or ask us about this release.

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